• Roasted baby

      Roasted baby

      1600 yen
  • [Separately]

    • Swimming that moves swiftly

      Swimming that moves swiftly

      2376 yen

      Put soup in a pot and boil first, from the body with bone.Next I will add my body and vegetables.Shabu shabu-shabu is the best taste.

    • I'm swimming (tiger fu sushimi)

      I'm swimming (tiger fu sushimi)

      1350 yen

      Speaking of truth is basically thin making.First of all, enjoy the transparent beauty with your eyes and then into the mouth.

    • Charcoal grilled firewood

      Charcoal grilled firewood

      2700 yen

      Body of wine with sauce based secret sauce, grilled vegetables on charcoal fire.The fragrant fragrance gradually drifts, and appetizes a lot.

    • Deep-fried Tiger

      Deep-fried Tiger

      1728 yen

      After being involved in secrets of sauce, it is deep flavor, unique to the fugu of flying deep-fried fried chicken with clotted potato starch.Let's get over the fished fish.

    • Hitoshi (Tataki style)

      Hitoshi (Tataki style)

      1728 yen

      Just sweep through the surface and chop it.This unique texture is also irritating.Together with accompanied Chinese cabbage, eat it with ponzu.I must admire the world of tiger's new taste.

    • Pancake

      734 yen

      There are two blowfish skin, and its inner skin is this.Put it in a tight, eat it for about a minute in a shabu-shab style like swimming.

    • Addition

      2376 yen
    • Yubaki

      734 yen
    • Great Ala Athletic

      4536 yen
  • [Seasonal items]

    • Yakushu Rice Course (Reservation system) From 2 people

      1 serving 6480 yen

      Aperitif / sauce making · Special made sukopan pot · rice cake · fragrance

    • Phantom fish Quocose ※ For 4 people

      7500 yen per serving
  • 【One item menu】

    • Deep fried crab meat

      842 yen
    • Crab leg fly

      1350 yen
    • Crab croquette

      842 yen
    • Burdock fried / green onion salt bricks / ginkgo / edamame / Enoki Batterapon vinegar / fried garlic

      Each 410 yen
    • Grilled crab

      2700 yen